When building a house on the island of Ingøy in the 1950’s, Karsten Eliasen uncovered a sword from the Viking age.  The sword was then handed over to Tromsø Museum. It has been classified as sword type H in the Peterson typology over Viking age-swords, which dates to between 800-950 CE. This type is the most common of the various swords. The sword pommel and guard is beautifully decorated with inlaid silver and bronze, indicating that the owner was a man of high status. The sword is probably from a grave, although without the proper context, this is difficult to ascertain. This sword indicates a Norse presence in the area already in the 900’s. Not far from the place where it was found, there are the accumulated remains of a dwelling. This site has, however, not been excavated. If the sword comes from a grave, this grave can be seen in context with this dwelling, and may indeed be a Norse fishing village/dwelling. More research, however, is needed to theorize further about this. The sword is in a poor condition, and thus cannot be exhibited at Måsøy museum.